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Heritage Beacon Fiction

Powerful Stories, Engaging Plots,
Memorable Characters

Why historical novels? Unless a way is found to travel through time by wiggling through cosmic wormholes, our best hope for experiencing history is through stories. But what a journey a well-written story can be! Historical fiction writers have the remarkable opportunity to resurrect the people and events of long-ago eras, making them come alive in the reader’s imagination.

At Heritage Beacon, we intend to print powerful stories that will serve as that vehicle of time travel for those who long to visit the past. For that reason, we choose manuscripts that reveal thorough research into and thorough comprehension of the chosen historical era.

We pride ourselves in working with authors who have a strong literary voice and a solid understanding of the elements of fiction. The historical setting of each story serves as the backdrop to a compelling plot played out through the choices and actions of memorable characters.

Though our stories reveal a Christian worldview, they are not intended to be sermons. Christian themes and messages ought to arise naturally through the unfolding of the storyline and the development of characters.

Whenever you choose a book from Heritage Beacon, you can know you’ll be traveling to places and times you would otherwise not personally experience. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

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