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Novels should be 60,000 to 80,000 words. Before we review your completed manuscript, please send us a proposal. Your proposal must include:

  • A brief (1 paragraph) summary of the novel
  • A 2–3 page synopsis, including how the plot is resolved
  • Three (3) sample chapters
  • A marketing plan
  • Author bio, including publishing history
Keep in mind:

  • Stories may be set in any era up through and including 1979. Anything set in 1980 or later will be considered contemporary.
  • Stories may be set in the United State or abroad.
  • Characters should be real in the sense that they are flawed. We are not interested in portraying perfect people since no such creature exists now or has ever existed. We want to see both believers and non-believers alike wrestling with the effects of sin. The consequences of such activities as drinking, gambling, drug use and extramarital sex should be portrayed as negative rather than glorified. Principal characters should ultimately become better people through their struggles.
  • We understand that history is filled with violent episodes and we don’t intend to shy away from the realities of life in this world. However, while the portrayal of violence is acceptable, it should be neither graphic nor gratuitous.
  • We do not consider manuscripts that fall under the genres of Amish or Western.
  • We prefer stand-alones but will consider series from previously published authors.
Please submit proposals in a single Word document (.doc or .docx) and e-mail as an attachment to:

Ann Tatlock
Managing Editor
Heritage Beacon, Imprint of LPC

If you need help with your Historical fiction proposal, or any other manuscript submission, contact Ann.

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